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Plant Health Cases joins CABI’s expanding publishing portfolio

18 April 2023, Saudi Arabia: Plant Health Cases – which explores topics including plant pests and diseases, weeds, environmental factors, diagnosis, prevention and control and much more – is the latest collection of case studies to join CABI’s expanding publishing portfolio.

The collection, which is led by Editors-in Chief Lone Buchwaldt, David B. Collinge and Boyd A. Mori, and supported by an international Editorial Board, is now live on the CABI Digital Library and is inviting new submissions.

Plant Heath Cases is part of a growing collection of case studies published by CABI, that also includes One Health Cases, Tourism Cases and Animal Behaviour and Welfare Cases, and provide real-life educational examples of plant health in practice.

They are written by and for practitioners, public stakeholders, academics, teachers and students.

Cases are published with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) – making them citable – and once positively peer-reviewed and published by CABI, the author team will receive £100 per case.

The cases are typically easier and faster to write than a research article, are easily searchable and can be viewed online or downloaded as PDFs. Cases are between 3,000 and 5,000 words and may include real-life interviews to illustrate problem areas.

A sample case study is now available to read for free on Plant Health Cases. Management of the Red Palm Weevil in Date Palm Plantation in Al-Ahsa Oasis of Saudi Arabia describes current management strategies through a practical example.

It suggests new areas of research that may improve red palm weevil control in the future. Complete with learning objectives, discussion points and further reading, the case is broken into digestible sections and is highly illustrated, showing how these practical cases are a valuable tool in the classroom.

All cases go through the full production process, including peer-review, ensuring they are authoritative and trusted for use in the classroom.

They are offered for inclusion in CABI’s portfolio of resources accessible via the Research4Life initiative providing free access for students, teachers and researchers in 67 developing countries.

Find out more and contribute to Plant Health Cases on the CABI Digital Library.

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