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MustGrow Reports Growth of Global Patent Portfolio

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09 March 2023, Canada: MustGrow Biologics Corp., is pleased to report on the growth of its intellectual property portfolio (the “IP Portfolio”) in both quantity and scope, particularly with respect to the Company’s patents.

“The growth of our IP Portfolio enhances the potential commercial value of MustGrow’s organic mustard-derived crop protection and food preservation technologies through potential product sales, licensing fees and royalities, and/or other commercial transactions – all of which would contribute to driving shareholder value,” remarked Corey Giasson, MustGrow’s President & CEO.

MustGrow’s global IP Portfolio has grown from 23 to 84 total patents issued and pending over the last three years. Of the 84 total patents, 62 have been issued, an increase from 18 issued patents three years ago. The IP Portfolio also includes trade secrets and protects MustGrow’s mustard-derived technology across six continents, including various composition, production process, and end-use applications. The IP Portfolio covers MustGrow’s three key areas of focus: pre-plant soil fumigation, postharvest food preservation, and bioherbicide.

Since 2021, MustGrow has been developing its biologic technologies with four global partners – Janssen PMP, Bayer, Sumitomo Corporation, and NexusBioAg – and retains the ability to commercialize all of its partnership-generated data and discoveries. These arrangements have allowed MustGrow to substantially accelerate technology development and potential future commercialization. MustGrow continues to innovate in biological crop protection and food preservation with the breadth and depth of its IP Portfolio, driven by laboratory, greenhouse, and field trials.

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