Find bioprotection products faster and easier with new CABI BioProtection Portal

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26 June 2023, India: The CABI BioProtection Portal has been upgraded, making it faster, sleeker and easier to use for those wanting information about registered biocontrol and biopesticide products to fight crop pests and diseases.

Launched in February 2020, this one-of-a-kind open-access tool is helping thousands of users across the globe identify suitable biocontrol and biopesticide products to manage their plant pests and raising awareness about alternatives to chemical pesticides.

By way of a simple search, the Portal provides users with nationally registered bioprotection products that can be used for the particular crop or pest problem they select. Additionally, the site includes vital information for growers who want to learn more about biocontrol, including how to identify, apply and store bioprotection products.

Available in 39 countries and displaying over 4,000 bioprotection products – covering more than 900 crops and 2,200 pests – the revamped CABI BioProtection Portal website has been optimized to accommodate visits by those with weak internet connections and low data allowances.

Search speed has gone up, with the lower weight of the site lending to quicker load times on product pages. There is better accessibility – with G-translate ensuring that all content is translated into the 12 languages supported by the website.

The design is also sleeker and better adapted for all devices – whether they are mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. The new design presents the search engine right on the portal homepage and remembers a user’s occupation so that they can more seamlessly make searches on the go.

In all, the CABI BioProtection Portal is a much better experience for users including agricultural extension workers, agro-input dealers, growers and national regulators.

Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann, Executive Director, Global Operations at CABI said, “Since its launch in 2020, the Portal has seen over a million visits – indicating that more and more growers and plant health advisors are benefitting from the portal.

“We are committed to working with our partners, sponsors, associates and donors, as well as users themselves, to continuously improve the Portal which is raising awareness around the world of the more sustainable solutions as part of an Integrated Pest Management approach.”

Dr Kuhlmann highlighted how, in promoting biocontrol and biopesticide products, everyone is playing a part in contributing towards the relevant Sustainable Development Goals including SDG12: Sustainable Consumption and Production.

“Bioprotection products also help growers meet export and market standards and reduce pressure on the environment which is already affected by other factors including climate change.

“Ultimately it is helping growers to achieve higher food production standards, while promoting regenerative agriculture through the use of natural solutions – safeguarding the industry,” he said.

Search data obtained by CABI on visits to the portal revealed that the majority of users are growers followed by advisors and researchers. Top crops enquired about include tomato, mango, rice and potato. Popular pests search for include aphid, mite, fruit fly and thrips.

The CABI BioProtection Portal is growing, with over 30 partners, sponsors, associates and donors, such as Biobest, Koppert, Syngenta, Rainforest Alliance and Mondelez. For the full list of our members, visit our members page.

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