CABI and DLCO-EA collaborate in the control and containment of migratory pests

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14 November 2023, Africa: CABI and the Desert Locust Control organization – East Africa (DLCO-EA) have formed a partnership aimed at addressing the control and containment of migratory pests.

It will do this by leveraging on the technological innovations, research products, and technical proficiency of both organisations. This strategic alliance, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), specifically targets pests such as desert locusts, armyworms, quelea birds, tse-tse flies, and other emerging trans-boundary pests.

The MoU, signed at CABI’s regional centre for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, by Dr Morris Akiri, Senior Regional Director, Africa, and Mr Mwesigwa Moses Rwaheru, Director of DLCO-EA, signifies the continuation and expansion of both organizations’ collaboration in controlling migratory pests.

The collaboration will also expand upon CABI’s ongoing work employing drones and ultra-low volume (ULV) of the biological control agent Green Muscle. It will also involve joint efforts in exploring and implementing modern technologies, innovations, and approaches to control and manage migratory pests.

The primary aim is to leverage the strengths and technical expertise of both organizations, aligning with their respective Strategies and Medium-Term Operational Plans.

“Both CABI and DLCO-EA recognize that the control and containment of migratory pests such as desert locusts, armyworms, quelea birds and tse-tse flies, and other emerging migratory pests in Eastern Africa require concerted, inclusive, and thoroughly planned efforts that leverage the strengths and comparative advantage of both parties,” said Dr Akiri.

DLCO-EA is an intergovernmental body formed under an International Convention signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in 1962. Its primary operational headquarters are situated at CMC Road/Gurd-Shola, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with affiliated country reserve bases across its nine member nations.

“Our mission is to sustainably manage mandated migratory pests and vectors in eastern Africa in an environmentally safe approach,” said, Mr Mwesigwa Moses Rwaheru, Director, DLCO-EA.

Dr Daniel Karanja, Deputy Director, Research and Innovation at CABI, and Mr David Mwangi, DLCO-EA Operations Coordinator, witnessed the signing.

The partnership will see CABI and DLCO-EA working together in promoting sustainable control measures and integrating modern technology to effectively manage migratory pests.

Other elements of the agreement include partnerships at regional and global levels to mobilize resources and execute targeted projects aimed at mitigating the widespread impact of these pests on the region’s agriculture.

The organisations also aim to create and disseminate essential reference materials for the control and containment of migratory pests. They also plan to develop joint agricultural research projects and promote research adoption.

Both organizations will work closely in other areas including managing knowledge by developing tools using ICT, training pest control experts, and jointly organising relevant meetings.

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