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Revolutionize your potato crops with microorganism biotechnology

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01 July 2022, US: Microorganism-based biotechnology improves productivity in potato fields, as well as tuber quality, size, and firmness. If we consider that all these factors are especially sensitive to high temperatures and water scarcity, these biotechnological solutions are the best allies for improving the profitability and competitiveness of potato producers. And this is where Symborg comes in to help you optimize your potato yields and quality.

These last seasons have presented great challenges for Idaho producers. The high temperatures and stress caused by the drought, reduced tuber production, size, and weight.

Faced with this scenario, what alternatives are there for Idaho potato producers? One comes from microorganism-based biotechnology, which has put sustainable tools on the market that enable all growers, both conventional and organic, to obtain higher yields and better quality.

Without going any further, at Symborg, we have managed to increase on average, tuber size by 6% and solids by 8%. In addition, we increased tuber firmness by 5% and yield per acre by 9%.

These are the results obtained in trials carried out with our biological product MycoUp 360, in which several of our team members participated with farmers growing Chipper, Clearwater, Burbank, and Ranger varieties.

MycoUp 360 is based on Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum. Our patented microorganism establishes  a symbiotic relationships with the roots, through which the fungus intakes sugars and returns large quantities of water and nutrients to the plants. With a more voluminous and efficient root system due to the presence of the fungus, the plant achieves nutritional, physiological, and hormonal improvements. The better nourished and stronger plants produce more and, as a result, achieve production increases.

This mycorrhizal-forming fungus has shown success in the United States and more than 50 countries worldwide.


MycoUp 360 contributes to improving  overall plant bioestimulation, achieving better harvests in terms of production, quality, and tuber size. In addition, MycoUp 360 has positive effects on the soil’s physical, chemical, and microbiological properties. Remember, keeping the soil in correct microbial balance will have a direct impact on crop productivity.

MycoUp 360 develops a better root system allowing the crop to deal with drought.

But that is not all. With fertilizer prices reaching record levels, it is good to have a solution that improves fertilizer assimilation like MycoUp 360.

MycoUp 360 also relieves abiotic stress conditions like salinity, humidity and temperature which have such impact on production.

In addition, Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum is also present in Symborg’s other biotechnological solutions in the United States, such as MycoUp, Resid HC, and Resid MG.

Do you want to overcome water scarcity and rising input prices with sustainable and easy-to-apply solutions? Join Symborg’s biotech revolution. We are waiting for you.

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