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Five New CIMMYT maize hybrids available from LATAM Breeding Program

20 November 2023, US: CIMMYT is happy to announce five new, improved tropical and subtropical maize hybrids that are now available for uptake by public and private sector partners, especially those interested in marketing or disseminating hybrid maize seed across Latin America and similar agro-ecologies in other regions. NARES and seed companies are hereby invited to apply for licenses to pursue national release, scale-up seed production, and deliver these maize hybrids to farming communities.

Newly available CIMMYT hybridsKey traitsTarget Agro-ecology
CIM21LAPP1A-12Intermediate maturing, white, high yielding, and resistant to TSC, MLB, and Ear rotsLowland tropics
CIM21LAPP1C-10Intermediate maturing, yellow, high yielding, and resistant to TSC, MLB and Ear rots
CIM21LAPP2A-4Intermediate-maturing, white, high-yielding, FSR, GLS, and Ear rots.Mid-altitudes/Spring-Summer season
CIM20LAPP2B-12Intermediate-maturing, yellow, high-yielding, resistant to GLS, and Ear rots.

The newly available CIMMYT maize hybrids were identified through rigorous, years-long trialing and a stage-gate advancement process which culminated in the 03-22LTHTWM4M, 04-22LTHTYM4M, 01-22MASTCHSTW and 02-22MASTCHSTY Stage 5 Trials. The products were found to meet the stringent performance and farmer acceptance criteria for CIMMYT’s breeding pipelines that are designed to generate products tailored in particular for smallholder farmers in stress-prone agroecologies of Latin America.

Performance dataDownload the CIMMYT LATAM Maize Regional (Stage 4) and On-Farm (Stage 5) Trials: Results of the 2020 -2021 and 2022 Seasons and Product Announcement from Dataverse.
How to applyVisit CIMMYT’s maize product allocation page for details
Application deadlineThe deadline to submit applications to be considered during the first round of allocations is December 1st, 2023. Applications received after that deadline will be considered during subsequent rounds of product allocations.

Applications must be accompanied by a proposed commercialization plan for each product being requested. Applications may be submitted online via the CIMMYT Maize Licensing Portal and will be reviewed in accordance with CIMMYT’s Principles and Procedures for Acquisition and use of CIMMYT maize hybrids and OPVs for commercialization. Specific questions or issues faced with regard to the application process may be addressed to with attention to Debora Escandón, Project Administrator, Global Maize Program, CIMMYT.

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