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eGramSwaraj app to transform Panchayats in rural India

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24th April 2020, New Delhi

The Ministry of Panchayati Raj today launched eGramSwaraj app to transformation of Panchayats in rural India.

eGramSwaraj app

The government has taken several steps to create a digital India, such as expansion of digital payments, postal payment bank, expansion of common service centers.

The eGramSwaraj application is a useful integrated tool for the operation of panchayats so that the work done in the panchayats can be monitored effectively and easily.

This application will not only improve reporting of panchayat activities, but will also increase the viability of the scheme.

The eGramSwaraj application will provide complete information of any Gram Panchayat at one place, such as details of sarpanches, panches and panchayat secretary, finance details, asset details, activities done in Gram Panchayat Development Scheme (GPDP), Census 2011 , Mission Antyodaya Survey Report etc.

The eGramSwaraj application focuses on work-based accounting, providing details of every expenditure incurred in each of the activities proposed in GPDP. The representatives of the block and district level will have access to excellent information to analyze the plans.

The number of data entry has been rationalized in eGramSwaraj. It also has user friendly interface and simple navigation for the user.

eGramSwaraj shows the status of real-time monitoring and implementation of activities, based on regular data entry done in panchayats.

Public expenditure can also be monitored on a real-time basis due to the e-Gramswaraj application being associated with PFMS.

Users / citizens can also download the e-gram Swaraj mobile app from Google Play Store, to make the information of Panchayat convenient and quick. Now this information will be on fingers via mobile app

  • Information of elected Panchayat members;
  • Panchayat activities (name of activity, scheme name and amount); and
  • Income and expenses related to the selected financial year.

 The monitoring of activities, actions, planning, budget allocation, schemes etc. of Panchayati Raj Institutions can be done through the eGramSwaraj application. The objective of this system is to make effective use of information technology. Strong panchayats will create a strong India. eGramSwaraj app is dedicated to the panchayats of the country.

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