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Mahindra Jivo 305 DI 4WD Vineyard Tractor

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25 September 2023, New Delhi: Mahindra Jivo 305 DI 4WD Vineyard Tractor is designed specifically for vineyard applications. It also offers the highest PTO power of 18.3 kW (24.5 HP) to efficiently drive all implements. The compact bonnet, steering column, and fender height help in navigating through the narrowest lanes of the vineyard. The new Mahindra Jivo has a high lifting capacity of 750 kg and is equipped with a 4-wheel drive for added traction. Experience power, performance, and profits like never before with the new Mahindra Jivo 305 DI 4WD Vineyard Tractor. 

Special Features  

Unmatched Power – Max torque 89 Nm for better coverage and uniform spraying to carry out all operations with ease. Its dimension suitability is perfect for a vineyard.

Highest PTO power – 18.3 kW (24.5 HP) with high-end mist sprayers. 2-speed PTO (590, 755) best suited for spraying, dipping, thinning, and rotavator. 

Technical information of JIVO 305 DI 4WD VINEYARD TRACTOR 

Technical information and features of Mahindra JIVO 305 DI 4WD VINEYARD TRACTOR are given in the table below.

Engine Power (kW)20.5 kW (27 HP)
Maximum Torque (Nm)89 Nm
Maximum PTO power (kW)18.3 kW (24.5 HP)
Rated RPM (r/min)2500
Number of Gears8 F + 4 R
Number of Engine Cylinders2
Steering TypePower Steering
Rear Tyre Size8.3 x 24
Transmission TypeSliding Mesh
Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg)750
Mahindra Jivo 305 DI 4WD Vineyard Tractor

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