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Survey wheat crop for timely management of yellow rust

19 February 2022, Punjab: The recent surveys conducted by the scientists of Punjab Agricultural University have revealed the presence of yellow rust in wheat fields on HD 2967, HD 3086 and some other unrecommended varieties near Shri Anandpur Sahib and Nangal in the district of Ropar. The prevailing weather conditions are favourable for infection and spread of yellow rust in sub-mountaineous areas of Punjab.

Therefore, Head of the Department of Plant Pathology Dr. Narpinderjit Kaur Dhillon has advised that the farmers of sub-mountainoeus areas should regularly monitor their wheat fields. In case yellow rust is observed it should be immediately managed by applying the fungicides like Nativo 75WG@ 120g or Caviet 25WG @200g or Opera 18.3SE or Custodia 320SC or Tilt 25 EC or Shine 25 EC or Bumper 25 EC or Compas 25 EC or Stilt 25 EC or Markzole 25 EC @ 200ml in 200 litres of water per acre. The adjoining fields near the infected ones should also be monitored critically for timely intervention to manage further spread of yellow rust.