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80 percent subsidy on seeds for Madhya Pradesh farmers to grow millet

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13 April 2023, Madhya Pradesh: The Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan earlier this week decided to implement State Millet Mission Scheme in the state.

The scheme will be implemented in all the districts through the Director, Farmers’ Welfare and Agriculture Development. The duration of the scheme will be of 2 years (2023-24 and 2024-25). In these two years, Rs. 23.25 crores will be spent under the scheme. Improved certified seeds of millets will be provided to the farmers on an 80 percent subsidy from cooperative/government institutions. A state-level committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the Agriculture Production Commissioner for monitoring the scheme.

The activities of the Millet Mission Scheme will be widely publicized. To promote the production, processing, and marketing of millet crops, there will be training programs for farmers and study tours outside the state. Fairs, workshops, seminars, food festivals, and road shows will be organized at the district and state level to promote millet.

It is noteworthy that millet grain crops were once at the center of the food culture of the state. At present, keeping in view the nutritional importance of these crops, it is necessary to promote them. These crops are often cultivated in less fertile areas. At present, the demand for millet crops is increasing due to rising health awareness among consumers. Crops like Kodo, Kutki, Ragi, Sava are very beneficial from the point of view of health. Keeping in view the importance of these millet crops, they have been given the status of nutritious grains.

The grains of these crops are rich in iron, calcium, fiber etc. Along with this, the percentage of fat is also less in them, so their consumption by heart patients and diabetes patients is safe. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the cultivation of millet crops among the farmers and to propagate the dishes prepared from millet crops. There are ample possibilities for expansion of the area, increasing productivity and production of Kodo-Kutki, Jowar, and Ragi in Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, given the growing market of millet crops, the possibility of value addition is also very high. In government programs where food is arranged, one dish of millet will be served. Arrangements will be made to use millet in the hostels and mid-day meals once a week.

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