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UPL Offers End-to-End Fumigation Solutions with the QPR Generator

04 May 2022, Pennsylvania: UPL Environmental Solutions is expanding its fumigation product line with the QuickPHlo-R (QPR) phosphine generator that use a unique granular formulation in an enclosed application system. With this addition, UPL now offers a complete fumigation portfolio, from top-quality products to innovative application equipment.

This advanced technology was developed to overcome the limitations of conventional phosphine fumigation applications, including labor, the need for bin entry, and calculating accurate product application and monitoring. The QPR generator provides a closed system application that is fully automatic to reduce front-end exposures, encourage safety protocols are met and enable applicators to meet standard management processes.

“Innovative technology like the QPR generator can help applicators store and apply fumigants in the most effective way possible to ensure applicator safety and product effectiveness,” says Mark DelSantro, Business Lead, Specialty Products and Fumigation Divisions. “Our goal in developing new fumigation technology is to reduce food and fiber loss caused by pests, and improper storage practice. As we do that, we want to put applicators first, with advanced technology and reliable products that ensure the highest level of safety possible.”

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The generator can be used for many types of fumigations, including stored grain and other post-harvest commodities, and warehouse facilities. This state-of-the-art technology provides economical fumigation in as little as two to three hours. The QPR generator offers gas generation from 0.12 to 33 pounds of phosphine gas in a variety of sealed structures such as stacks, bins, silos, barges, containers, chambers, flat storages, etc.

Developed, designed and manufactured by UPL, the QPR generator can be customized for each customer. UPL’s lead global engineers and product education team can provide a technical overview of the machine’s capabilities and the impact this technology can have on the global fumigation industry.