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Celebrating the heroes of harvest

31 July 2021, UK: Harvest is arguably one of the most important times in an arable farmer’s year; it underlies all the hard work and dedication that growers and agronomists play in their role to help provide food for the nation.

This year we had a wet spring which put crops under stress, temperatures have also been much lower than normal in parts of the UK. The combination of wet and cold hasn’t been particularly favourable for progressing crop growth in either winter or spring crops and has led to a slightly later harvest than the previous year.

Harvest is a time when all generations of farming families and communities come together to help get the job done; be this sweeping out the sheds or helping in the field. For farmers it means working even longer days than normal and even with this extra family and ag community support, we realise that it can be a very lonely time for a lot of you.Picture by: Isabella Brunsting

This time of year can be hard both physically and mentally, so we have teamed up with The Farming Community Network and Farmwell to bring you support and guidance throughout this period. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself, so we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for staying safe and getting through those long days.

  1. Run safety checks on your machines
  2. Have a harvest buddy whether this is a pet or person you talk to at some point in your day
  3. Try and enjoy the small things like a stunning sunset
  4. Stay hydrated and don’t forget to eat
  5. Be conscious of your mental health and seek help when necessary, you can call FCN on 03000 111 999

Whether you’re driving the combine harvester, carting the grain or bringing sandwiches and a much-needed drink to the field; we want to celebrate you, our #HarvestHeroes. Take a moment from your busy days to enjoy the stunning sunsets and dazzling dawn and to celebrate yourself and the ones helping you out – whether that be your pets, wife, husband, kids or colleagues. Why not snap a picture of the amazing work you and your harvest team are doing and use #HarvestHeroes21 so that we can all celebrate together.

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