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Wheat procurement exceeds target in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, May 21 2020: Wheat procurement on support price has exceeded target in Madhya Pradesh. So far, 104 lakh metric tonnes of wheat has been purchased against the target of 100 lakh metric tonnes of wheat procurement this year.

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that even though the target has been met, the entire wheat of farmers will be purchased. There is no need for the farmers to worry. All arrangements are being made for further purchase.

Farmers should not worry, all wheat will be purchased

CM Chouhan 

11 thousand 860 crore transferred to farmers

Till now, wheat has been purchased from about 13 lakh farmers on support price. The procured wheat has been stored safely. An amount of Rs 11 thousand 860 crore has been transferred in the accounts of 10 lakh 32 thousand farmers against the purchase of wheat. Despite Corona crisis, the arrangement made for procurement of wheat in Madhya Pradesh has resulted in wheat procurement exceeding target in the state.

Arrangements will be made to purchase wheat of all the farmers who have registered. Madhya Pradesh has acquired the second position as main state of the country in the field of wheat procurement on support price.

Along with wheat procurement, special attention has also been paid to prompt storage so that wheat can be safely stored before the rainy season.