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State govt warns against sowing of cotton seeds bought from Gujarat

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13 May 2021, Bhopal, IN: Deputy Director Agriculture, Mr. M.L. Chauhan has warned farmers on purchasing cotton seed from Gujarat being sold by the name of 4G Cotton. It is not an authorized type of seed nor has it been recognized by the government. 

Farmers in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh have started pre sowing field operations for the coming Kharif Season. Farmers with irrigation water availability are likely to sow cotton in the coming season. “Farmers should not buy cotton seeds from such sources. If such a situation arises somewhere, immediately inform the local officer of the Agriculture Department” said Mr. M.L. Chauhan.

The district department has setup control rooms to check on unauthorised sales. The farmers have been suggested to call at 07282-232728 to report transaction. Mr. Chauhan further said “Farmers should buy cotton only from licensed seed dealers. While purchasing cotton seed, get a bill and check the bill thoroughly whether the name, variety, lot number and price of the cotton seed is correctly mentioned in the bill.”

At the same time, all the seed sellers are advised to sell post receiving the principal certificate, otherwise action will be taken.

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