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Procurement on MSP and timely payment to farmer is the biggest achievement

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13 July 2020, New Delhi: The procurement of wheat on MSP and timely payment to the farmer is the biggest achievement of the Madhya Pradesh State Government mentioned Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan while addressing a video conference with the farmers of the state.

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While addressing a video conference with the farmers, he mentioned that the state tops the wheat procurement in the country by procuring 129.34 lakh metric tonnes of wheat from 15.80 lakh farmers in the Rabi marketing year 2020-21. This is 33% of the total procurement done in India.

The procurement started late due to the Covid-19 pandemic. About 4500 procurement centres were made operational and the farmers were informed through SMS. This helped in avoiding large gathering at the centres and only the farmers who were informed came with the produce.

Luster-less wheat of the farmers was also purchased with the approval of the Central government. The farmers received the payment for the procured wheat within 7 days. About 15.80 lakh farmers have received a total of Rs. 24,627.62 crore for wheat purchase by the government.

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