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PAU kisan club monthly meeting was held

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08 October 2021, Punjab: PAU Kisan Club monthly meeting was held today. The Agronomist informed the farmers about the ongoing farming issue. Speaking of welcome words Dr Tejinder Singh Riar, Additional Director Communication and Associate Director of the event also brief about the contribution and importance of PAU’s Kisan Club.

Vegetable scientist Dr Ruma Devi shared important points with the farmers about the cultivation of Rabi vegetables. Dr VK Sardana verbalize on cultivation of oilseed crops. Dr GS Mavi gave detailed about the cultivation of new varieties of wheat.

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Agronomist Mr Kishor Kumar Verma discussed about Organic Farming Products. Mr Hardyal Singh, Retired Deputy Director, Horticulture Department communicate about the importance of Moringa Tree.

End of the meeting Mr Ravider Bhalooria thanked.

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