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PAU holds live programme for farmers

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03 February 2021, Punjab: Experts from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) dwelt upon various aspects of agriculture during the PAU Live Programme. Farmers were advised keeping in view the ongoing weather changes.

Dr SS Walia, an expert from School of Organic Farming, while explaining cooperative farming, said it is eco-friendly, profitable for small farmers and leads to enhanced production. Farmers can adopt cooperative farming for various crops, dairy, fishery, horticulture, etc. he added.

Dr Neena Singla, Head, Department of Zoology, provided tips for the management of rodents in rabi crops. She explained in detail the environmental, mechanical, biological and chemical control of rodents.

Dr JS Brar, an expert from the Department of Fruit Science, advised the farmers about the right time of sowing of fruit plants and their disease management. He also delved upon weed management in fruit plants.

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Mr Deepak Bhatia, Assistant (Sales), informed the farmers regarding the purchase of PAU publications with thrust on online membership and offline/online purchase.

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