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FASC, Amritsar celebrated nutrition day

08 February 2021, Punjab, IN: FASC, Amritsar, celebrated nutrition day in village Madhu Chhanga. The day was celebrated to make people aware about the importance of nutrition for the human body and well being of health. Good nutrition helps to manage healthy weight, maintains the immune system and provides energy. A balanced diet helps to boost mental as well as physical health. During the camp summer season vegetable seed kits were distributed to the farmers of villages Madhu Chhanga, Gorenangal and Matte Nangal under RDF project.

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Farmers were taught the importance of growing vegetables at home level. Dr Gurmeet Singh, DES (Entomology), FASC Amritsar arranged to distribute vegetable seed kits among the farmers. He also discussed with the farmers production technology of vegetable crops and told them about pests and diseases management. About 63 farmers of these villages participated and 60 summer season vegetable seed kits were distributed.