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Farmer also deserves equal respect for jawans – Minister Mr. Patel

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28 December, 2020, Bhopal, IN: If the donor farmers do not produce, how will we live? Like the soldiers posted on the border, the farmers of our country produce food by sweating blood day and night. Our farmer deserves respect just like the jawans. Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister, Mr. Kamal Patel was addressing a state-level award ceremony organized by NABARD on the occasion of Farmers Day at Valmi. In the ceremony, 28 awards have been given to the farmers group of the state and the NGO in 09 different categories.

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Agriculture Minister Mr. Patel bowed to the farmers and said that the farmer is also a donor and a life donor. Every day is Farmer’s Day for us, because the farmer works day and night for food production. Gandhiji said that India lives in the village itself. Former Prime Minister Late to realize Gandhiji’s dreams Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee implemented important schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Sadak Yojana and Crop Insurance Scheme for farmers as well as Kisan Credit Card to connect the village with the main road. At present, the State and Central Government are continuously working for the rural development, taking forward their work. Like the cities, continuous efforts are being made to provide speed to the development of the villages and to bridge the distance between the two. He gave information about the benefits of new laws related to agriculture to the award winning farmers and institutions in various categories. Mr.Patel said that farmers will get the benefit of one country one market.

Farmers will make tomato sauce and potato chips

Minister Mr.Patel said that after the introduction of new laws, farmers will not only do farming. They will become entrepreneurs, do business and also become industrialists. Farmers will not only grow tomatoes in their fields, they will also make tomato sauce by planting a factory. They will not only grow potatoes, but will also establish enterprises to make potato chips. Similarly, by promoting new laws to other agricultural businesses, they will work to enrich the farmers.

Will promote field wise crops

Minister Mr.Patel said that area-wise crops produced in the state will be identified and promoted. Farmers will be made aware. They will be encouraged. So that more production can be obtained and agricultural businesses can be promoted in those areas.

Chaupal Nabard and bank workers will go from village to village

Minister Mr.Patel said that people working in National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and banks will go out from their offices and organize village chaupals to make farmers aware. He informed that in these chaupals, farmers will be provided information to benefit from the schemes run by NABARD as well as state and centrally sponsored schemes.

Chief General Manager of NABARD Madhya Pradesh Regional Office, Mrs. T.S. Raji Gann highlighted the objectives of NABARD. The function was also addressed by Mr. Chetan Singh, Director of Appida. On this occasion Smt. Urmila Shukla, Director, Valm, Convenor of State Level Banking Committee, Mr. S.D. Mahurkar, Director General of SBI Mr. Sandeep Kumar Dutta, other NABARD officials and farmers from all over the state were present.

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