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Captain Amarinder Singh appeals to all partied to fight unitedly against the farm bills

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24 September 2020, Chandigarh, IN: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday appealed to all political parties to rise above petty considerations and come on one platform to fight unitedly against the treacherous Agriculture Bills that would destroy the farmers of Punjab.

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Asserting his commitment to protect the rights of the farmers at all costs, the Chief Minister said he was ready to lead the political fight against the unconstitutional anti-farmer Bills with all his might. “I will do what it takes to save my farmers and my state from these dangerous new laws, whose implementation will cripple the farming sector and also destroy Punjab’s lifeline of Agriculture,” he added.

In a statement, the Chief Minister said the Congress had always stood with the farmers and will fight with them, shoulder to shoulder, to scuttle the Centre’s plans to ruin not just their own families and the labourers, who toil on the fields day and night to feed the nation, but the entire state of Punjab.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led Union Government has stooped to a new low by bringing these Bills, and that too in a totally undemocratic and unparliamentary manner, said Captain Amarinder, adding that his government, supported by the Punjab Congress, will oppose the legislations tooth and nail in the interest of not just the farmers and the state but the entire country.

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Captain Amarinder dismissed SAD leader Harsimat Kaur Badal’s resignation from the Union Cabinet as a mockery of the Akali history of sacrifices, before the Badals hijacked the party and converted it into their personal fiefdom for their own gains. “Is giving up a berth in the Union Cabinet a sacrifice? The Badals clearly do not know the meaning of sacrifice,” he quipped, ridiculing SAD chief Sukhbir Badal’s latest statement that Akali Dal can make any sacrifice for farmers. What are you still doing in the anti-farmer NDA government at the Centre, he asked the Akali leader.

Sukbir’s assertion that SAD will not let any corporate enter Punjab if the people make an Akali Dal government in the state clearly showed that it was all about power, and the entire drama was being enacted by their party to get into the saddle, said the Chief Minister.

Terming the SAD’s purported U-turn on the Bills as a desperate step taken under political compulsion, when faced with the threat of total eradication from Punjab’s political arena, he pointed out neither Sukhbir Singh Badal nor his wife Harsimrat even once opposed the Farm Ordinances at any point till they were presented in the Lok Sabha. In fact, the duo continued to actively defend the Ordinances as being supportive of the farmers, Captain Amarinder said, pointing to Sukhbir’s stand at the all-party meeting and his decision to stay away from the State Assembly session at which the resolution opposing the Bills was passed.

All their claims now of being with the farmers in this fight against the Bills are a complete farce, which even the agitating farmers are taking with a pinch of salt, the Chief Minister said.

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