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Administrative approval of Rs 145.45 crore for Sangattha irrigation project

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25 August 2020, Bhopal: The Cabinet has given administrative approval of Rs 145 crore 45 lakh for the total irrigation area of ​​4630 hectares of Sangattha (Air) irrigation project. The project will provide irrigation facility in 4630 hectare area of ​​15 villages of Pichore tehsil through micro irrigation system.

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The approval happened today during fourth virtual meeting of the Cabinet under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan through video conferencing.

CORS system for simplification of demarcation / mapping process approved

An MoU has been executed by the Department of Revenue along with the Department of Survey of India to begin the use of CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) system in the state to simplify and flawless demarcation / mapping process. At present, the work of land demarcation is being done through ETS (Electronic Total Station) machine by Revenue Department.

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The Cabinet has approved the above in view of the practical problems being faced by the department in demarcation by ETS machines.

The CORS system will prove to be very effective in completing the demarcation work in a short time in a modern way. With the use of CORS network, the land survey and mapping work will be possible with high level accuracy. Demarcation/ mapping activity can be carried out in any weather or situation through CORS network.

Besides, this system will be able to work in standing crops in the area also. With the use of this network, demarcation will also be possible through app loaded on smart phone / mobile with GNSS chip.

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