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Sowing time and seed rate for the cultivation of Sorghum in Kharif

06 January 2023, New Delhi: Plowing is required once in summer followed by 2-3 harrowings. Thereafter, around 8-10 tonnes of farm yard manure (FYM) per ha need to be incorporated. Soil application of Phorate or Thimate @ 8-10 kg/ha is recommended at the time of sowing.

Sowing time for the cultivation of Sorghum in Kharif

The suitable time for sowing is the 3rd week of June to the 1st week of July with the onset of monsoon.

Seed rate for the cultivation of Sorghum in Kharif

The optimum seed rate is 7-8 kg/ha or 3 kg/acre.


Recommended row-to-row distance is 45 cm and the plant-to-plant distance is 12 to 15 cm within the row.

Maintain plant population at 72,000 plants per acre (18 plants/ square meter).

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