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Seed license of SOPA suspended

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24 June 2021, Indore: Samples were taken recently for soybean seed testing from M/s The Soybean Processing Association of India (SOPA) recently. Out of total 6 samples taken of soybean, 5 samples were found to be non-standard. As a result, the seed license of SOPA has been suspended with immediate effect. After the suspension, this institution will no longer be able to buy and sell seeds. Action will be taken under the Seeds Act and Seed Control Order if they are found selling or buying.

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Licensing Officer and Deputy Director Agriculture Shiv Singh Rajput informed that effective action is being taken to ensure availability of quality fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural products to the farmers in Indore. Six samples of SOPA Indore’s Soyabean Seeds JS-2034 & JS-9560 were taken for testing on 27th May. The samples were tested by the Seed Testing Laboratory, Gwalior and according to its report, the samples were declared of non-standard level. As a result, a letter pertaining to banning of purchase / sale / storage / transfer of seed lot was issued. 

The response from SOPA was rejected as it was not satisfactory. During the warehouse inspection on 27th May 2021, 777 bags (30 kg each) without tag of soybean seeds JS-9560 were found stored in the warehouse. In this regard, the Seed Certification Officer, Indore said that soyabean seeds JS-9560 packed without tag were sold and are not certified which is suspicious.

In view of this, section 6(a) of the Seeds Act 1966. 7(b) and contravention of clause 13(1)(c) of the Seed Control Order 1983, the license of M/s. The Soybean Processing Association of India (SOPA) MR 9, Malviya Nagar, Indore, Seed License No. 440 (Validity Date – 20 May 2025) has been suspended with immediate effect under clause 15 (b) of the Seed Control Order 1983 in exercise of the powers conferred by clause 11 of the Seed Control Order 1983. Seeds cannot be bought and sold after suspension of license. If buying and selling is found, then action will be taken under the Seeds Act 1966, Seed Control Order 1983.

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