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Pusa Basmati 1692 paddy variety

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22 June 2022, New Delhi: Description: Pusa Basmati 1692 is an early maturing Basmati rice variety with a seed to seed maturity of 110-115 days with a very high yield It possess semi-dwarf, non-lodging and non-shattering habit. Owing to its early maturity it can help timely harvest of paddy crop in the Basmati growing region, which can help providing sufficient time for after-harvest operations. Timely clearing of fields will also help in reducing the environmental pollution and help in timely sowing of the succeeding wheat crop in the Basmati GI area.

Salient Feature: The Average yield is around 20.0 to 24.0 q/acre and 5 kg seed is sufficient for per acre of transplantation.

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