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Paddy Varieties Suitable for growing in Uttarakhand (Irrigated Hills) in Kharif

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03 September 2022, New Delhi: Paddy Varieties Suitable for growing in Kharif in Uttarakhand (Irrigated Hills) are mentioned below.

Varieties – VL Dhan-85, Vivek Dhan-82, VL Dhan 68, Pant Dhan 11 & 12 , Pusa Bansmati 1509, Govind, VL 65

Area – Irrigated Hills

Sowing Time – 

Mid hills (900 – 1500msl)

Nursery sowing – 1st Fortnight May Transplanting – 2nd fortnight June

High Hills (1500 msl and above) Nursery sowing – April 2nd fortnight Transplanting – 1st Fortnight June

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