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JK Seed company’s Sorghum variety JKSH JYOTI

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29 August 2022, New Delhi: JK Seed company’s Sorghum variety JKSH JYOTI is Medium Duration and Medium Tall Plant Height hybrid


  • Open Nodes
  • Uniform and tall plant height (2.00 to 2.40 metres)
  • Days to 50% flowering – (65 to 70 days)
  • Ear-head Type & Shape: Semi-Compact, Club & Broader in Middle & Close Exertion
  • Stem Colour – Tan and Nature – Thick & Juicy
  • Leaf Midrid Colour- Dull Green, Glume Colour- Straw
  • Freely Threshabale, Photo Sensitivity- Non-Sensitive
  • Dark Green Colour Leaf and Semi Erect Positioning
  • Medium Bold and Round grain
  • Maturity days – (105-110 days)

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