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ICRISAT and PJTSAU join hands to develop new groundnut varieties and boost farmer incomes in Telangana

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25 November 2022, New Delhi: To boost groundnut production across Telengana, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) have joined forces to conduct eighty demonstration trials across the State.

The initiative funded by the Government of Telangana aims to expand groundnut production which is presently only cultivated on 0.3 million hectares of land in Telangana.

Director General ICRISAT Dr. Jacqueline Hughes said she was delighted with the collaboration with the Government of Telangana and PJTSAU, which would likely see much-needed improvements to groundnut cultivation across the State, leading to improved farmer incomes.

Inaugural Capacity Building Program

About three hundred farmers attended the inaugural capacity building program to accelerate the adoption of the new groundnut varieties held at the ​Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) in Palem, Nagarkurnool district, Telangana. Participants were exposed to quality seed production techniques and potential innovations to promote groundnut production and value chains.

“We are pleased to partner with farmers and regional agricultural centers in Telangana to work together to enhance farmer profitability and importantly, learn from each other during this project,” said Dr. Mayes.

Speaking at the training, Dr. Sujatha, Principal Scientist (Oilseeds), RARS-Palem said that access to new seed varieties for groundnut production remained a challenge, considering a farmer needs close to 100 kg of seed per acre of land.

About the project

Groundnut Value Chain Innovations to Enhance Farmer Profitability and Promote Oil, Food, and Confectionery Industries in Telangana is funded by the Government of Telangana and led by PJTSAU in collaboration with ICRISAT.

PJTSAU, with support from ICRISAT, is conducting location-specific research, identification of genotypes, and multi-location trials of varieties developed by ICRISAT to deliver suitable varieties to Telangana and improve groundnut seed systems in the State.

Seed production of India’s first high oleic acid groundnut variety ‘Girnar 4’ developed by ICRISAT in partnership with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Directorate of Groundnut Research (ICAR-DGR), was undertaken on four acres of land at RARS-Palem during this year’s rainy season.

Future plans

There are plans to engage with seed corporations, farmer seed entrepreneurs, and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) to ensure access to quality Girnar 4 and 5 seeds. ​

The breeder seed production undertaken at ICRISAT will support the foundation and certified seed production by different agencies.

“We will develop tailored agronomic packages for ICRISAT-developed groundnut varieties – Girnar 4 and Girnar 5 and promote the varieties in southern Telangana,” said Dr. M Goverdhan, Associate Director of Research, Southern Telangana Zone, RARS-Palem.

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