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High yielding wheat variety Wheat Variety DBW252 (Karan Shriya)

20 October 2022, New Delhi: High yielding wheat variety Wheat Variety DBW252 (Karan Shriya)

Released for commercial cultivation under Timely sown, Restricted irrigation condition of North Eastern Plains Zone comprising Eastern UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and plains of NE states

Average Yield: 36.7 q/ha 
Potential Yield: 55.6 q/ha

Days to heading: 81 days (65-95 days) 
Days to maturity: 127 days (100-147 days) 
Plant Height: 98 cm (82-112 cm) 

Requires only 1 irrigation. Highly tolerant to drought (0.74 DSI) stress

Highly resistant to wheat blast (Av 2.5%) , leaf rust (3.4ACI) and Karnal bunt (5.1%).

Better grain, product making and nutritional qualities compared to existing cultivars

Presence of 5+10 subunits of GluD-1 reflect its higher gluten strength.

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