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High yielding wheat variety DDW 47

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20 October 2022, New Delhi: High yielding wheat variety DDW 47

DDW 47 is a Durum Variety with high yellow pigment and excellent end product quality for timely sown restricted irrigated condition of Central Zone

Superior Nutritional and End-products Quality

DDW 47 has very high yellow pigment content of 7.57ppm as compared to check variety HI8627 (5.63) and thus it is the best genotype for all the pasta quality traits.

Since pasta industry has high demand for high yellow pigment wheats, DDW 47 can be an asset for providing remunerative price to the farmers.

The protein content of DDW 47 (12.69%) is higher than any other variety of this area.

Grain Iron content of DDW 47 is higher than the other available variety HI8627. Superior Performance in Yield Trials

The yield performance of DDW 47 was found superior over the other varieties available under low water conditions.

DDW 47 has registered high yield potential (74.1q/ha) compared to best check variety HI8627 (62 q/ha).

Disease Resistance

The proposed variety DDW 47 is highly resistance to black and brown rusts. For other diseases and insect pests it expressed better resistance than other varieties available.

The Variety DDW 47 was developed at ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Karnal to provide a high end product quality that can give high remuneration to farmers.

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