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High yielding wheat varieties suitable for bread, chapati, biscuits and duram pasta

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20 October 2022, New Delhi: The government is promoting cultivation of high yielding wheat varieties across zones. This will help achieve better end product quality in chapati, bread, biscuit and pasta products. 

Several varieties have been identified which have quality traits suitable for different products. List of important wheat varieties suitable for different end- use products are given below.

ChapatiHD3086 (NWPZ-HYPT), HD2967 (NEPZ-ITS), K0307 (NEPZ-ITS), PBW757 and DBW71(NWPZ & NEPZ, SPL-VLS), WH1124 (NWPZ-IR-LS), PBW771 (NWPZ-ILS), DBW303 (NWPZ-HYPT), HI1634 (CZ-IR-LS), HD3237 (NWPZ-RITS), DBW39 (NEPZ – ITS), HD2888 (NEPZ–RITS), NIAW1415 (PZ –RITS), MP 3288 (CZ–RITS), HI1500 (CZ- RITS)
BreadDBW187 (NWPZ & NEPZ -ITS), HD3226 and WH1105 (NWPZ-ITS), HD3059, WH1124 and DBW173 (NWPZ-IR-LS), WH1080 (NWPZ-RITS) DBW93 (PZ-RITS), HD2733 (NEPZ –ITS), WH1080, DBW71 DBW222 (NWPZ-ITS), HD3298 (NWPZ-IR-LS), WH1254 (HYPT -NWPZ), NIAW1415 (PZ –RITS)
BiscuitHS490 (NHZ); DBW 296 (NWPZ-RITS), NIAW3170 (NWPZ & PZ-RITS)
Durum for pastaUAS446(d) (PZ-RITS), DDW48(d) (PZ-ITS), DBW47 (CZ-ITS) (Yellow pigment >7.50ppm)
High yielding wheat varieties suitable for bread, chapati, biscuits and duram pasta

Zone & Sowing Condition 

NWPZ (North Western Plain Zone) – 

Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan (except Kota and Udaipur divisions) and Western UP (except Jhansi division), parts of J&K (Jammu and Kathua distt.) and parts of Himachal Pradesh (Una distt. and Paonta valley) and Uttarakhand (Tarai region).

NEPZ (North Eastern Plain Zone) – Eastern UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam and plains of NE States.

CZ (Central Zone) – Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Kota and Udaipur divisions of Rajasthan and Jhansi division of Uttar Pradesh
RITS – Restricted Irrigated Timely Sown

ILS – Irrigated Late Sown

ITS – Irrigated Timely Sown

VLS – Very Late Sown

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