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Denim insecticide from Syngenta approved for use in soybeans

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With its unique mode of action, soybean growers can rely on Denim insecticide for fast knockdown and long-lasting control of some of the most destructive lepidopteran insects, like soybean loopers.

06 May 2022, USAU.S. soybean growers now have access to an effective tool with a unique mode of action for improved management of tough, yield-robbing insects: Denim insecticide from Syngenta. Newly registered for foliar use on soybeans, Denim provides superior control of damaging lepidopteran pests, including soybean loopers, green cloverworms, velvetbean caterpillars and bollworms. 

“Soybean insect pests can cause significant damage, and soybean loopers in particular completely strip fields of foliage and feed on pods, threatening yield loss,” said Meade McDonald, insecticide product lead at Syngenta. “Along with Besiege®, our other industry-leading soybean insecticide brand, Denim will be an ideal solution in resistance management programs. In replicated trials across multiple Southern geographies, Denim frequently outperformed other non-diamide products due to its unique mode of action.” 

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Upon application, Denim penetrates the leaf tissue where insects feed, creating a reservoir of active ingredient for longer-lasting residual activity. The product’s rapid control disrupts the nerve impulses of destructive foliar- and pod-feeding insects, putting a stop to pest feeding within a few hours of ingestion, thereby protecting soybean plants and maximizing yield potential. 

Denim works with growers’ crop management plans and provides excellent tank-mix compatibility with many other crop protection products, including high-performing soybean fungicides like Miravis Top and Quadris Top® SBX for added convenience.

“Growers are always looking for ways to optimize their bottom line, seeking the most effective, highest-performing products to control damaging insect pests,” said McDonald. “Denim is what they’re looking for.”

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