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Corteva assists farmers with millet hybrid seeds to increase yield and enhance livelihoods

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16 June 2022, New Delhi: Corteva Agriscience, the global agriculture company, has been committed to offering an unparalleled choice of seed products and innovations for today and tomorrow. Observing the “International Year of Millets 2022-23” and to address the demand for adequate food, nutrition, and livelihood security while combatting climate change, the company is focused on engaging the next generation of farmers through its hybrid millet seeds and modernizing the key agricultural attributes to support them in growing what matters.

Millet is grown for grain as well as for fodder production. The grain can be used in poultry and cattle etc. The developing countries in Asia and Africa contribute around 93% of total millet production in the world. India is their largest global producer, with a 41% market share. Millet can withstand extreme temperatures, floods, and droughts accompanied by its low carbon footprint aids in mitigating the effects of climate change. This crop is mostly sown in rainfed areas after rain and can grow in areas that experience frequent periods of dry weather during either the vegetative or reproductive phases. Given the huge potential of millets in bolstering India’s food and nutritional security and alleviating hunger, there is a growing need for high potential hybrid seeds that can be grown in irrigated as well as rainfed areas that can help farmers to increase their income.

In line with this, Corteva’s hybrid millet seeds provide maximum productivity and profitability. Corteva representatives also work with farmers to create more sustainable agricultural practices that can be implemented across the entire farm.

Gurpreet Bhathal, Marketing Director, Corteva Agriscience South Asia said, “Antrashtriya Bajra Mahotsav’ 2022-23 will spotlight the ecological benefits and nutritional value of millets to producers and consumers. We believe that the initiative will benefit the farmers the most. As a part of our efforts towards delivering for farmers and agriculture, we, at Corteva Agriscience, are supporting the farmers with hybrid seeds for years to deliver exceptional yields and meet their full potential. We take pride in this as the benefits of millets will be delivered to millions of consumers. As more consumers become aware of the nutritional value of the millets, more people will consume them, which will help farmers increase their income.”

Corteva Agriscience strives to help farmers improve the performance of their farms, every year, through leading-edge agronomy, digital farming, and financial expertise. The company is concentrating its efforts to educate farmers about the use of technology-driven solutions that enable growers to achieve the sustainable development goals of food security and nutrition.

Pioneer is the flagship seed brand of Corteva Agriscience.

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