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Advisory for farmers sowing wheat between the 10th to 25th of November

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18 November 2022, Bhopal: Wheat is sown in three stages depending on the time of sowing. Wheat can be early sown, timely sown, and late sown. The early sowing of wheat usually takes place between the 20th to 10th of November. Timely sown wheat is sown between 11th November to 25th November. Late sowing of wheat is done from the last week of November to December.

Advisory for farmers sowing wheat between the 10th to 25th of November

According to the current period, the time has come for the sowing of timely sown wheat. It is important to understand which varieties to choose and how much irrigation is required. It is also important to know the amount of fertilizer required for a good yield.

Varieties of Chandausi/Sharbati Wheat

Chandausi/Sharbati wheat varieties of timely sown wheat are – GW 366, GW 513, HI 1544 (Purna), HI 1636 (Pusa Vakula), and HI 1650.

Kathia/Malvi Wheat Varieties

The timely sown Kathia/Malvi wheat varieties are MPO 1255, HI 8663 (Pusa Poshan), HI 8713 (Pusa Mangal), HI 8737 (Pusa Anmol), HI 8757 (Pusa Tejas).

Fertilizer Requirement in Wheat

The fertilizer requirement for Chandausi/Sharbati wheat varieties is 120:60:30. Fertilizer requirement for Kathia/Malvi wheat varieties is 140:70:35.

Irrigation requirement in wheat

Timely sown wheat between 10th November to 25th November requires 4-5 irrigations.

Average yield of timely sown wheat

Varieties of Chandausi/Sharbati and Kathia/Malvi wheat will give an average yield of 50-60 quintals/hectare if adequate fertilizers and water is given on time.

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