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Zero tolerance policy on black marketing of fertilizers in Bihar

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14 July 2021, Patna, IN: In Bihar, the demand for chemical fertilizers, especially urea, has started increasing as the time of sowing of paddy is approaching. With the increase in demand, complaints like black marketing of urea, selling at a higher price than the prescribed price have started gaining momentum. 

The department has issued orders for zero tolerance policy on this subject in the state. In the order issued by Bihar’s Director of Agriculture Mr. Adesh Titarmare, the state government has decided to make fertilizers available to the farmers only at the price fixed under the zero tolerance policy. 

In the order, instructions have been given to all the fertilizer suppliers and manufacturers that it will be the responsibility of the supplier company to transport the fertilizers to the sales center. If case of wrong doing or in case of complaint of selling fertilizers above the prescribed price, action will be taken against the concerned company as per FCO 1985 and EC Act. Agriculture Department has made arrangements up to Panchayat level to follow this policy and has also fixed the accountability of the officers of the department.

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In Bihar, sowing of paddy and onion along with other kharif crops has started accelerating in the Kharif season. Due to urea being a controlled fertilizer, its distribution is determined by the center. The state government is responsible for the distribution system. Bihar is expected to consume about 10 lakh tonnes of urea in this Kharif season. Similarly, about 3.50 lakh tonnes of DAP and 2 lakh tonnes of NPK are likely to be consumed this season.

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