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APEDA organizes orientation programme for start-ups for boosting agricultural products exports from Rajasthan

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31 July 2021, New Delhi: In a bid to give fillip to the start-up ecosystem for promotion of agricultural products exports, APEDA in association with Agriculture University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan organized a programme where more than 430 farmers, students, traders and other stakeholders had participated.

The orientation programme for start-ups in agri-export, was aimed at creating awareness among farmers and agriculture students in the western region of Rajasthan on agri-exports. The focus of the programme was to urge the Rajasthan government to adopt ‘agriculture export’ as a business opportunity for boosting livelihood and farmers’ income.

The aim of programme organized on 28th July, 2021 through virtual mode was to support the farmers, agriculture students and other stakeholders in the export oriented supply chain which generate rural employment. 

During the programme, APEDA officials explained issues around agricultural exports and challenges in the export oriented agri supply chain.  

APEDA officials also explained various Government initiatives on agriculture exports such as Financial Assistance Schemes, Risk Management in agriculture export, RBI Guidelines, Pesticides issues, Digital Traceability in agri supply chain, etc. 

The Agriculture department of Rajasthan, Agricultural University, Jodhpur and other state government officials discussed the agriculture export potential from the west zone of Rajasthan especially in the crops such as barley, caster, legums, mustard, pomegranate, dates, etc.  The programme also discussed the export potential of commercial crops including Capparis decidua, (referred locally as karira or kerda), Acacia Senegal (Kummat), Prosopis cenararia (Sangari).

Besides the export potential of cumin, isabgol, pomegranate, anise seeds, caster, guargam, hina etc were discussed.   The programme emphasized the need for automation, mechanization in agriculture for achieving quality production which would enhance competitiveness in the international market.  The officials from Rajasthan Agricultural Marketing Board (RSAMB) have participated in the meet.

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APEDA has been focusing on collaborative approach to bring synergy with number of organizations and institutions having inherent professional and specialized expertise in different areas for capacity building of various stakeholders and providing solutions for addressing some of the identified interventions for the development of Agriculture and its export enhancement in consonance with the objectives set under Agri Export Policy (AEP) announced by Government of India in 2018.

APEDA has been engaged with State Governments for the implementation of AEP. The States of Maharashtra, U.P., Kerala, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Manipur, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and M.P. have finalized the State specific Action Plan for exports while the action plans of other States are at different stages of finalization.

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