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Agricultural students and research Institutes supports the New Agricultural Laws for the betterment of agriculture and farmers

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28 December, 2020, New Delhi, IN: Dr. R.S. Paroda, Former Director General (ICAR) & Chairman, TAAS said that the New Agricultural Laws aims at enabling farmers to be self-dependent along with promoting the setting-up of Self Help Groups and FPOs. Expressing the governments clear intention regarding the New Agricultural Laws, he said that there will be scope to earn more profit from the cost.

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Outlining the New Agricultural Laws, Professor Punjab Singh, Former Vice-Chancellor, BHU accentuated that along with establishing the hubs for farmers’ fields, food products and food processing, the diverse crops will get good markets across India. He stressed that after harvesting, the initiative will prevent the farmers from visiting the purchasing centres, rather the market will now directly reach the farmers’ fields.

In a brainstorming session organized under the banner of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the agricultural experts supported the New Agricultural Laws stressed that where on one hand, the current reforms aim to create competitive agricultural produce markets and provide more options to the farmers, on the other hand, they aim at connecting them with profit markets and agribusiness.

Augmenting the New Agricultural Laws as promoters of the new Green Revolution, the ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi accentuated them to be in favor of the farmers and agricultural sectors.

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