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Tractor of the Year award at EIMA

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09 May 2022, Bologna: EIMA International, exhibition on agricultural machinery (Bologna, 9-13 November 2022) – will host the award ceremony for the Tractor of the Year contest. It will also include dynamic show of the finalist models. 

The prestigious award, promoted by Trattori magazine and assigned by an international jury made up of 26 trade journalists, is one of the traditional rendez-vous of the Bologna exhibition, an event that is very popular with the public and business people. 

The formula consists of four prizes – “Sustainable TotY 2023”, “Best of Specialized 2023”, “Best Utility 2023” and “Tractor of the Year 2023” – with the prize-giving ceremony already scheduled for 9 November in the Quadriportico in the heart of the exhibition centre. It will be attended by representatives of the manufacturers taking part in the contest, leading figures from the world of politics, agriculture and agricultural machinery, as well as the wider EIMA audience. 

The award ceremony will have a considerable visual impact – explains the events office of FederUnacoma, the event organiser – thanks to the projection on a large screen of clips of the finalist models. Also, there will be dynamic exhibition that the finalist tractors will perform at regular intervals during the event, in the arena set up with stands and green scenery inside the exhibition centre. 

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Building on the strength of the first edition’s success, as part of EIMA 2021, the TOTY Show promises to be even richer this year, with a programme that includes live technical descriptions of the finalist models. This will contribute to making EIMA International not only a great promotional showcase but also a precious moment of information and spreading for agricultural entrepreneurs, agro-mechanical technicians and business people in every country.

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