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Brand Story: Swaraj Launches New Campaign for Tractor ‘Target 630’ Featuring Cricketer MS Dhoni

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11 May 2024, Mohali: Swaraj Tractors has released a new campaign starring Swaraj’s esteemed customer and brand ambassador, MS Dhoni.

The advertisement captures the ease and efficiency of using the Swaraj Target 630 in horticulture, inter-row cultivation, puddling & other farming activities, enabled due to its advanced features & powerful engine.

The commercial unfolds with Dhoni’s visit to a friend’s farm, where he encounters the Swaraj Target 630. Captivated by its features and performance, Dhoni takes the tractor for a spin, traversing through sugarcane fields, vineyards, horticulture patches, and paddy fields. This showcases the multi-utility capability of the Swaraj Target and provides a visual testament to the tractor’s advanced features and performance.

Throughout the commercial, Dhoni’s joy and satisfaction with the Swaraj Target 630 are palpable as he effortlessly navigates the farm terrain. Complemented by a catchy jingle, the commercial embodies the sheer delight and ease of operating the Swaraj Target 630.

This marks Swaraj’s second commercial featuring M S Dhoni. The first commercial featuring the legendary cricketer received overwhelming praise from farmers across the country, who appreciated Swaraj’s commitment to delivering high-quality and technologically advanced machinery. This new advertisement builds upon the success of its predecessor, further solidifying Swaraj’s position as a trusted brand among farmers.

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