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Agoro Carbon Alliance announces strategic independence from its parent company Yara

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22 March 2022, Gurugram: Agoro Carbon Alliance, founded to address the global challenge in agriculture at the core of its operations, is poised to become a standalone business from April 1, 2022. This development will make Agoro Carbon Alliance a separate legal entity from its parent company Yara. The strategic move will also position Agoro Carbon India firmly in terms of on-the-ground operational fulfilment of its indigenous grower success programme – allowing more flexibility and creating more options to implement practical changes and farming interventions across Indian farms.

Even after the separation, Agoro Carbon Alliance will remain 100% owned and backed by Yara, and the two companies will continue to collaborate closely. Furthermore, all Agoro Carbon Alliance’s existing contracts with growers, partners and vendors will be transferred to the new company with no alteration.

With this decision, Agoro Carbon Alliance is embarking on a journey to attain operational independence. The strategic control and flexibility will enable Agoro Carbon Alliance to direct its full attention to its grower friends. It will continue to help growers in their decarbonization journey, impart agronomic knowledge to help produce quality crop yield and healthier soil and connect farmers to the carbon credit market. Furthermore, this move will position Agoro Carbon as an externally investable business, allowing investors worldwide to engage with the Agoro Carbon Alliance of farmers,  agronomists, co-ops, retailers, and other businesses.

Alex Bell, CEO of Agoro Carbon Alliance, said: “Our independent status gives us the best of both worlds: enabling Yara’s full strategic backing of Agoro Carbon, while giving us even more operational flexibility. Agoro Carbon will continue to focus on practical agronomic excellence and be input and practice agnostic. The separation underscores our intent and confirms our ability to be entirely focused on providing best in class and unbiased farmer enablement to generate premium environmental assets for responsible buyers and investors.”

Commenting on the decision, Prithviraj Sen Sharma, Managing Director of Agoro Carbon Alliance India, said, Agoro Carbon India’s focus is the large-scale, practical decarbonization of Indian farms. This move allows us to focus fully on our Indian growers’ success by keeping strategic control and flexibility around our core offerings while also cementing our position as a strong, independent and highly motivated agent of change in the Indian agriculture sector. India has a big role to play in global food security, and we at Agoro Carbon, as a high-impact, independent, global business, are well-poised to partner locally with Indian growers to achieve massive farm-level decarbonization.”

Agoro Carbon places Indian farmers at the heart of the solution by encouraging and enabling them to adopt climate-friendly farming techniques and assisting them in producing in a sustainable manner.

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