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MustGrow Outlines Upcoming Investment Conferences

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07 November 2021, Canada: MustGrow Biologics Corp. is pleased to announce its upcoming investor awareness initiatives.  MustGrow continues to actively engage its key stakeholders – potential industry partners, shareholders and prospective investors – by increasing awareness of its natural mustard plant-based crop protection technologies.

Adelaide Capital Ag Tech Conference – Institutional Investment Conference
November 17, 2021
Virtual Conference

Capital Event Management – Florida Capital Conference
November 19-21, 2021
Event Website

Canaccord Genuity Conference – AgriFood Tech Innovation Forum
December 2, 2021
Virtual Conference

Plant-Based Crop Protection

MustGrow’s safe and effective natural biopesticides are plant-based – harnessing the mustard seed’s natural defense mechanism to control diseases, pests, and weeds with its organic technologies.  The technologies have the potential to be used in three areas: as a preplant soil biofumigant treatment of diseases and pests before crops are planted; as a bioherbicide for treatment of weeds; and as a biopesticide treatment for postharvest food preservation.  The application of MustGrow’s natural food-grade mustard-derived biopesticides have the potential for positive soil health and environmental benefits relative to that of some synthetic chemical pesticides.  In addition, the MustGrow technologies have the potential to be used as an alternative to (or in combination with) synthetic chemicals and in organic food production.

Interest in MustGrow’s plant-based biopesticides is increasing as farmers, consumers and investors seek ‘natural biological’ alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides.  Adverse global climate and weather events, deregulation of synthetic chemicals, and weed and disease resistance to synthetic chemicals are expected to negatively impact food supply for a growing human population.  We anticipate that the development of safe and effective biopesticides will be critical for future food security and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

General Updates

MustGrow has issued 56,366 common shares at a deemed price of $3.65 per common share for full repayment of a $205,736 loan to an independent party, subject to a hold period expiring 4 months plus 1 day following issuance.

On October 7, 2021, MustGrow reported a total of $328,992 cash paid as finders’ fees in connection with its private placement.  This amount has been amended to $279,294. In addition, 27,000 common share purchase warrants (the “Warrants”) were issued to a finder in connection with the private placement.  Each Warrant is exercisable at a strike price of $3.65 for a period of 24 months, subject to a hold period expiring 4 months plus 1 day following issuance.

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