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Sharbati Wheat of Madhya Pradesh Still Fetching Highest Bid in Market

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27 May 2024, New Delhi: Even though most of the wheat is procured at Minimum Support Price (MSP) in Madhya Pradesh, farmers need to know which variety sells at a good rate throughout the marketing season.

An analysis of wheat mandi rates prevailing in the state of Madhya Pradesh for May 2024 shows that the Sharbati Wheat variety is still fetching the highest rate with an average price of Rs. 2,608/Quintal. This is about 2% less when compared to May 2023. Lok-1 variety which is grown in more than 40% area is selling at an average price of Rs. 2468/Quintal. This is 10% more when compared to May last year. Sharbati and Lok-1 are the top 2 varieties fetching good prices in the market. Organic Wheat has fetched an average rate of Rs. 2347/Quintal.

In the rabi season 2023-24, wheat has been sown in about 92 lakh 10 thousand hectares in the state, out of which the high-yielding varieties Lok-1, GW-322, and GW-273 have been planted in more than 75 lakh hectare area, while the remaining 17 lakh hectares are under durum, Sharbati, and other varieties. Sharbati wheat of the state is famous for exports, yet the main reason for the decrease in its area is the decrease in production. Due to better minimum support prices, farmers prefer to plant high-yielding varieties. But if the price trend for the Sharbati variety continues, the farmers’ adoption rate for new climate-resilient varieties will remain low despite the risk.

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