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Sea ranching of green tiger shrimp seeds by Mandapam Regional Centre

03 August 2022, New Delhi: As part of the regular sea ranching initiative, the Mandapam Regional Centre of the ICAR- Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) released a total of 3.25 million seeds of green tiger shrimp (Penaeus semisulcatus) of PL 40 into the Palk Bay at Mandapam on 30th July, 2022. The shrimp seeds were released by Dr. G. Tamilmani, Head-in-Charge in the presence of leaders of the fishermen association and local fishermen, scientists and staff of Mandapam Regional Centre of ICAR-CMFRI. The fishermen thanked the Government of India and ICAR-CMFRI for such an initiative and expressed that this activity would be helpful in replenishing the green tiger shrimp stock in the region.

This is part of a project entitled “Sea Ranching of Green tiger shrimp (Penaeus semisulcatus) Post Larvae (PL) in Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu” being carried out by ICAR-CMFRI Mandapam Regional Centre with the funding support of Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Govt. of India under the Central Sector Scheme component of the PMMSY. Under the project, a total of 200 million green tiger shrimp post-larvae will be released in a period of four years (2022-2026) into the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar region of Tamil Nadu.

The initiative is helpful in promoting the livelihood of the fishermen in the region, and conserving & maintaining a sustainable shrimp stock in the wild. 

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