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Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Introduces Amendments to Fertilizer Control Order Specific to Biostimulants

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11 May 2024, New Delhi: The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, under the authority of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, has issued a new amendment to the Fertilizer (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) Order, 1985. The amendment, titled the “Fertilizer (Inorganic, Organic or Mixed) (Control) (Third) Amendment Order, 2024,” aims to regulate the specifications and approval process for biostimulants in the agricultural sector.

Key provisions of the amendment include:

Specifications for Biostimulants: The Central Government will specify the requirements for biostimulants in Schedule VI, including their name, active ingredient or tracer molecule, chemical composition (in cases where active ingredients or tracer molecules cannot be indicated), the name of the crop to which they are applied, their benefits, and the method of analysis for determining their active ingredients or chemical composition.

Inclusion of Live Micro-organisms: The amendment introduces a new category for live micro-organisms, excluding biofertilizers and biopesticides, within the specifications for biostimulants.

Application Process for New Biostimulants: Manufacturers or importers seeking to include a new biostimulant in Schedule VI must submit an application to the controller in Form G. The application should include data in various categories, such as chemistry, bio-efficacy trials, toxicity, heavy metal analysis, and a product sample accompanied by an affidavit affirming compliance with pesticide limits.

Toxicology Data Exemptions: Certain biostimulants, such as protein hydrolysates, seaweed extracts, amino acids, vitamins, humic and fulvic acid, are exempt from the requirement to provide toxicology data. However, manufacturers or importers must submit an affidavit stating that their product is non-toxic and safe for use as a biostimulant.

Inclusion in Schedule VI: No person shall manufacture or import any biostimulant unless it has been notified and included in Schedule VI by the Central Government.

Pesticide Limit: The permissible limit of pesticides in biostimulants has been set at 1 part per million (ppm), replacing the previous limit of 0.01 ppm.

The amendment aims to provide a framework for the regulation and approval of biostimulants in agriculture, ensuring their safety, efficacy, and adherence to specified standards. The Central Biostimulants Committee will play a vital role in formulating guidelines and making decisions regarding necessary data requirements for biostimulants of natural origin or others.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare emphasizes the importance of these regulations in promoting sustainable and efficient agricultural practices while safeguarding consumer and environmental health.

Note: This news is based on the official notification issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on May 8, 2024. 

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