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Madhya Pradesh government’s strategy to grow wheat production in state; recommended varieties

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10 October 2022, Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh is on its way to be the leader in wheat production in India. The state recorded highest procurement of 129.42 LMT (15.94 lakh farmer) in the year 2020-21, and second highest procurement of 128.15 LMT (17.25 lakh farmer) in the year 2021-22. In the financial year 2022-23, farmers even got better price than MSP. Pushing for better price realization, the government is also in process for GI Tag for Sharbati wheat. This will help fetch better price for Sharbati wheat.

Madhya Pradesh government’s strategy 

For direct procurement from farmers, more than 4500 procurement centers have been established. This will help the state government in managing the increased production. Madhya Pradesh has 43 Lakh Ha Area under canal irrigation which insures timely availability of irrigation at critical stage of Crop to increase production.

Availability of high yielding varieties

The state has made arrangement for sufficient availability of high yielding varieties for the farmers. Below are the high yielding which are available in the state for the current rabi season.

VarietiesYield potential in qtl./Ha.Average yield in qtl./Ha.
Pusa Tejas, (HI-8759) Duram70.0057.00
Pusa Anmol, (HI-8737) Duram65.0053.04
Pusa Malwi, (HD-4728) Duram68.0054.02
High yielding which are available in the state for the current rabi season

Sharbati Wheat 

Sharbati wheat is being grown in about 9.00 lakh hectare area in the state. Major varieties of Sharbati wheat C-306, Sujata (HI-617) JWS 17, Amar (HW 2004), Amrita (HI 1500), Harshita (HI 1531), HD 2987, JW – 3173 etc. are popular.

Durum Wheat 

Durum wheat is being grown in about 16.00 lakh hectare area in the state. Durum Wheat Pusa Anmol (HI – 8737), Pusa Malvi ( HD – 4728), Pusa Tejas (HI 8759), Malavshree (HI – 8381), Malav Shakti (HI- 8498), Malav Ratna (HD-4672), MP0 -1215, Pusa Mangal(HI-8713), Pusa Poshan (HI 8663), JW-1255, JW- 1106 etc. major varieties are popular.

Normal Wheat

Normal wheat is being grown in the state in an area of about 75.00 lakh hectares. Lok-1, GW – 322, GW – 273, GW – 366, GW – 173, MP – 1203, RVW – 4106, GW – 451, GW 3288, JW – 3211, GW – 3382, JW – 1358 etc., major varieties are popular.

Harvesters and Driver training

Around 7000 harvesters are available in State and almost same number drive in during peak season from outside. 950 youths have been trained in harvester driving skills and 50 youths are currently undergoing training.

Custom Hiring Centre

3444 Custom Hiring Centres have been started in the state by youth with the grant support of about Rs 344 crore and bank loans.

Custom Processing Centre

8 Custom Processing Centres are also been promoted to provide better processing at farm-gate along with job creation.

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