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Madhya Pradesh Farmers can register their crop information on MP Kisan app from today

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01 August 2022, Madhya Pradesh: Now the farmers of Madhya Pradesh will become self-dependent even in Girdawari. Farmers will be able to register their crop information through MP Kisan Appunder “Meri Girdawari-Mera Adhikar”. With the introduction of this facility, farmers can self-register their crop information from August 1 to August 15, 2022. 

This information of the farmer will be verified by Artificial Intelligence and Patwari. This information will be used for crop loss, minimum support price scheme, Bhavantar Yojana, Kisan Credit Card and agricultural loan. This is a farmer-oriented decision of the state government in context of self-reliant Madhya Pradesh and self-reliant farmer.

Girdawari is a documentation process, in which the patwari enters the name of owner, name of cultivator, land/khasra number, area, kind of land, cultivated and non cultivated area, source of irrigation, name of crop and its conditions, revenue and rate of revenue, minimum twice in a year.

Easy Registration Process

MP KISAN App can be downloaded from Google PlayStore. Farmer can download this app from Google play store and login and add their farm by clicking on crop self-declaration, claim objection option. To add an account, click on the plus option, selecting District/Tehsil/Village/Khasra etc, one or more accounts can be added. After adding the account, all the Khasra information of the account will be available in the app. On clicking on any of the available Khasra information, the information will be available through AI. With the consent of the farmer, the crop information can be entered with a single click. If they disagree with the information regarding the crop, the information about the crop sown in the field can be recorded with live photo by being present in the field.

CM’s appeal to farmers

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the State Government is committed towards the interest of farmers. He has appealed to the farmers of the state to take advantage of the facilities provided by the central and state governments by uploading their crops in the MPKisan app under “Meri Girdawari-Mera Adhikar”. He said that in this process, farmers will be able to register themselves to adopt e-Girdawari till August 15.

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