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Lentil production expected to increase by 15 to 25 percent in Madhya Pradesh

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07 February 2022, Katni: In Madhya Pradesh, the leading producer of lentils, not only the sown area has increased by 10-15 percent, but the average yield rate of the crop is also expected to increase, thereby increasing its total production this year.

The production is expected to increase between 15 and 25 percent. According to Arun Soni, managing director of Shridhar Industries Pvt Ltd, a popular pulse processing firm based in Katni, farmers in Shajapur and Sujalpur line have shown good interest in lentil cultivation, which has increased the area by 10-15 percent. Due to favorable weather there, the condition of the crop is better.

Similarly, in Sagar, Videsh and Ganjbasoda lines, sowing increased and weather is favorable. The crop condition is also good in Pipariya, Jabalpur, another important producing belt and sowing has increased in Satna, Rewa line. Overall, the production area is expected to be high, which is expected to improve the quality along with the average yield rate.

In Katni line, the price of lentils was running at a high of Rs. 7,800 per quintal till 10 days ago, which came down to Rs. 7,000 yesterday and improved to Rs. 7,200 per quintal today.

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The millers and stockists who were holding off on buying waiting for the price to drop have now started buying the goods. Arun Soni says that even if there is a strong arrival of new goods, the spot market price of lentils will not fall below the government support price (Rs. 5,500 per quintal), while the price of gram can remain around Rs. 5,000 per quintal. This time Madhya Pradesh can come second in terms of gram production, lagging behind Maharashtra. The arrival of new lentils is expected to start from next month along with gram.

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