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India’s Summer crop acreages up by 4 percent

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06 May 2022, New Delhi: The latest statistics released by the Indian Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare on Friday reported 71.88 lakh hectare of summer crop sown. There is an over all increase of 4.4% over corresponding period of last year. Pulses and nutri & coarse cereals have shown a good growth compared to last year.

Summer pulses have shown the highest increase of 18.4% growth over corresponding week of last year. The weekly report analysed by Krishak Jagat shows that about 20.38 lakh ha area coverage has been reported in pulses compared to 17.21 lakh ha during the corresponding period of last year. The area has been reported mainly from the State of Madhya Pradesh (8.85 lakh ha), Odisha (2.61 lakh ha) and Bihar (2.06 lakh ha) followed by other states holding small acreages.

Summer paddy has shown a degrowth of 3.6% reporting 29.71 lakh ha area coverage compared to 30.83 lakh ha during the corresponding period of last year. Top three states with highest acreages are West Bengal (9.27 lakh ha), Telangana (6.75 lakh ha) and Karnataka (3.00 lakh ha).

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Summer crop in India has various limitations such as short sowing window, assured irrigation required with season specific varieties. Despite limitations for cultivation in summer, the increased in over all acreages are encouraging.  

Area coverage under Summer crops as on 6th May 2022 (Value in Lakh Ha)

S. No.CropsArea Sown Current Year 2022Area Sown Last Year 2021Increase/DecreasePercentage Increase/Decrease
3Nutri/Coarse Cereals10.8210.260.565.5%
Source: Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, India

The Central Water Commission (CWC) is monitoring live water storage of 140 water reservoirs of the country on weekly basis. The water commission’s report accessed by Krishak Jagat last week suggested that India is in a better overall storage position compared to last year. The condition is also better than the average storage of last 10 years during corresponding period. As of 28th April 2022, the live storage reported 63.31 billion cubic meter which is 108% of last year’s storage and 128% of average of last 10 years.

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