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Indian Govt extends free import policy for pulses Toor and Urad

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21 December, New Delhi: IPGA welcomes the Government’s decision of extending the import window for Tur, Urad and Moong under “Free” import policy till March 31st, 2022”, said Mr. Bimal Kothari, Vice Chairman, India Pulse and Grain Association (IPGA).

When comparing the prices of pulses to the price of oil, the prices of pulses have remained relatively stable over the last three to four months. Pulses have not seen a significant increase in price. Chana is being sold lower than MSP whereas Toor and Urad are being sold at MSP, so prices of pulses aren’t increasing. Toor harvesting has already been done in many places and is still in progress in  some others. The late rains in the southern states may have caused some damage. In the next three months, however, Toor’s availability on the international market will be limited. 

Right now, as per our estimate not more than 1.5 lakh tonnes of new crop will arrive from Burma. In the last four months, a large number of goods have arrived from Africa, our second origin, and there will be about 25,000 to 50,000 tonnes of goods left. We are not anticipating large quantities from both locations in the next three months. The markets will remain stable as a result of this, and there will be no upward price movement. The price will not be too low, either. 

Urad has been in a similar situation. It rained while Urad was being harvested, causing severe damage to the crop. However, Urad is still readily available in our country. And, as a result of the government’s actions, a new crop will arrive from Burma. This crop is estimated to be between 5 and 6 lakh tonnes. It is possible that a large amount of Urad will be produced in the next three months. As a result, there will be no increase in market prices, and the market will remain stable and move around the MSP.

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Moong imports were allowed until 31st October whereas Urad and Toor were given until December 30th. IPGA made several representations to the government as many shipments had been stuck outside. Many of the moong shipments which are on their way will be cleared as a result of the government’s actions. 

The Government of India, has taken cognisance of the above and taken a proactive step by extending the import window which will be extremely beneficial to the industry at large.”

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