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Indian farmers may get 13 GM crops in future

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31 December 2022, New Delhi: Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and universities under it are working on developing GM crops since 2006 under the “Network Project on Functional Genomics and Genome Modification”.

ICAR is trying to develop different traits such as biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, yield, and quality improvement. The 13 crops which have been on priority are Cotton, Papaya, Brinjal, Banana, Chickpea, Pigeonpea, Potato, Sorghum, Brassica, Rice, Flax, Wheat, and Sugarcane.

The GM crops with required quality traits as mentioned above are in different stages as of now. As of now, a late blight-resistant potato has been developed by ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla; pod borer resistance in pigeon pea has been developed by ICAR-National Institute for Plant Biotechnology, New Delhi; insect-resistant chickpea has been developed by ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur and iron, and pro-vitamin rich banana has been developed by ICAR-National Research Centre on Banana, Tirchurapalli,

Further, to take the leads obtained from earlier projects forward, ICAR has initiated a network project on the All India Coordinated Research Project on Biotech crops. The project is scheduled for the 2021-26 period with a total budget outlay of Rs 24.75 crores.

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