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India may export Tomatoes and Onions to Pakistan

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29 August 2022, New Delhi: With the recent heavy rainfall in Pakistan, the fruit and vegetable prices have skyrocketed in the last one month. There has been consistent rainfall at places across Sindh and Balochistan area of Pakistan for the last three months.

In the local Lahore market, tomato and onion prices were Rs 500 and Rs 400 respectively. In order to reduce the high prices prevailing across Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan is in process to import tomatoes and onions from India. The import will help to control the high fruit and vegetable prices.

The southern states and hilly states of India harvest tomato in August and September. This additional export will help to improve domestic prices of tomatoes and onions in India.

Acres of cropped area has been destroyed due to floods in Balochistan and Sindh area of Pakistan. The Pakistan Government is already importing tomatoes and onion from Afghanistan as of now. The farmers of Pakistan will now be able to take the next crop once the water recedes.

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